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Customers adore Bagitos!  From the recycled plastics used in our fabrics, to our ultra-convenient designs, to each bag giving back to our sister K-12 environmental project, Power2Sustain, Bagitos offer a bag with a story, something that customers are drawn to.


Bagito reusable shopping bags stand apart from other bags in this category in unique and innovative ways.

Your customers will appreciate the 100% recycled content and 100% organic/non-GMO materials we use, as well as the durability and long-life of our products.

Bagito's direct ties to its sister non-profit K-12 environmental literacy project, and its triple bottom line business model, connect with customer wishes that companies do more than just make a widget.

We offer excellent wholesale price points, fast imprinting and shipping, and a full range of display and marketing options. 

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