Bagito's Innovative Reusable

Bag-as-a-Service Has Launched!


We are excited to introduce the new Bagito+ Bag-as-a-Service. This revolutionary new shopping bag lend program takes the effort out of consumers remembering their reusable bags, and from retailers having to manage the costs and hassles of single-user bags for their customers. It also eliminates 95% of waste, lowers carbon emissions by 70% when compared to single-use bags, and gives customers the reassurance they are immediately helping the planet.


By going to reusable service, retailers can see significant cost savings, further reduce their environmental footprint and carbon output, and increase customer loyalty by showing a practical commitment to eliminating waste and lowering emissions.

Bagito+ App mock-up.jpg


Bagito+ Reusable Shopping Bag - Mock-up.
Bagito+ Return Box - Mock-up.jpg

The service is available to markets, stores and all retail locations where a shopping bag is used.


We provide cleaned and sanitized Bagito Grande bags for use by customers at check-out. Customers simply sign-up via the Bagito+ app or the market's customer loyalty program (club card)   At check-out the customer scans their club card or QR code in the app and can 'check-out' the number of bags they need. 


Customers then have 5-10 days to return the checked-out bags to any retailer using the Bagito service.

We pick-up clean and sanitize the used bags, repair or replace any damaged ones, and re-circulate.

Please contact us HERE for more details, pricing and to sign-up.

Together, let's eliminate trash, keep convenience and keep customers and our planet smiling.