Bagito is a bag with a story...

In 2008, our founder Mitch was working as a school administrator in PS 86 in the Bronx, New York. He and a group of teachers noticed that students were not receiving any sort of environmental learning. Researching the issue, he found that schools all over New York, as well as in other states, didn't offer lessons in environmental literacy. Feeling the urgency of informing the next generation about the current environmental state of affairs, he wanted to empower them to problem solve and take action. To this end, Mitch and a group of teachers started a non-profit K-12 environmental education project, Power2Sustain.

About this same time, Mitch and crew also noticed shoppers were becoming increasingly concerned with an overabundance of single-use plastic bags. A light bulb went off and the group promptly took action in order to provide funding for their newly formed non-profit project.

With a used sewing machine, several innovative ideas and lots of inspiration and motivation, the group set about creating the first Bagito. Mitch knew this new reusable shopping bag needed to be

full-sized to be practical yet also stuff down into a very small pouch so  people could keep one with them at all times and use it not just for grocery shopping, but as a replacement for single-use bags in ALL types of shopping.

After completing the final prototype and testing, Mitch found a wonderful family run factory in Fujian, China and began producing the Bagito Original. First selling them to local stores and organizations in and around Santa Cruz, CA, then expanding into other parts of California, the Bagito brand started to grow.

What's important to us:

In 2014, Mitch visited Facebook’s new Menlo Park campus. He noticed

a commitment to sustainability and asked if the company would be interested in collaborating on branded reusable shopping bags for employees, guests, and the greater community. Facebook appreciated

Bagito’s triple bottom line mission and became the first of many corporate clients and organizations that use Bagito to spread the message of sustainability while having an immediate positive impact on our planet.

Transparency in our supply chain and fulfillment process.

Practicing what we preach by continually reducing, reusing and recycling in our office, homes and community.

Offering fair living wages and a balanced and joyful work environment.

Triple + Bottom Line

We knew we wanted a company that designed and manufactured reusable products. We also knew that we wanted the company to do more. So we took the concept of a triple bottom line mission and extended it further. We call it our "full circle" brand. Bagito’s bags start the circle by using 100% recycled plastics for the base materials and soy-based inks for imprinting. Continuing, we partner with both local and overseas family-run businesses, which treat their workers well and uphold good environmental practices, to create our products. Next, we donate our after-tax profits directly to our sister non-profit project, Power2sustain, which teaches and empowers the next generation to sustain their planet. Finishing off the circle, we work with a purpose to practice sustainability in every opportunity here in our office, in our homes, and in our communities.


To replace single-use shopping bags and other single-use products with smart and durable reusable bags and other multi-use solutions - with a story.


Single-use to Multi-use: Bagito’s design philosophy starts with the the essential goal of taking single-use items and re-engineering them for multi-use. Starting with the shopping bag, we now have other multi-use products which eliminate single-use waste, lower carbon emissions and reduce costs.


Along with measuring our financial, social and environmental success, we also measure success in the “purpose” that our business generates. Having an impact culturally and spiritually.