Always forgetting your reusable bags/products?  We can relate, it's what motivated us to create Bagito products! Not only do our products help you be more sustainable in your daily life, we took things two steps further and made them from 100% premium rPet fabric (recycled plastics) and made sure that a portion of each product sold supports our sister K-12 environmental literacy project, Power2Sustain.org. 


Full-sized and gusseted for large capacity, Bagitos stuff down in their own self-enclosed small pouch making them truly key-ring compatible and so easy to remember. 


Our premium rPet fabric is made entirely from recycled plastics, and is super soft and durable. Each Bagito Original removes 25lbs of plastic from the waste stream and can be used hundreds of times.

We use GOT certified premium cotton canvas in all our products. Certified 100% organic and Non/GMO, Bagito cotton bags are great for the planet, premium quality and can last decades.





Unlike other reusable bags on the market, Bagitos utilize a double-stitching technique that ensures durability and long-life. Plus each Bagito Original and Grande can carry 40+ lbs (and give you a work out!)


Bagitos were first created and sold as a way to support Power2Sustain, our sister non-profit K-12 environmental literacy project. Power2Sustain teaches and empowers K-12 students to value and sustain their natural world. In the early days we donated 100% of the net profits from Bagito sales directly to the project. Today, we donate a meaningful percentage of our annual net revenue (usually 15-20%)

To learn more, please visit: Power2Sustain.org


From the beginning, we have believed that companies and brands can and must do more than focus solely on their bottom line profits. Bagito was born out this mission.

Our triple bottom line includes:

  1. Creating and selling innovative and ultra-convenient reusable bags and other products that help to reduce primary resource consumption, waste and carbon emissions.

  2. Giving a percentage of our annual profits directly to our sister non-profit K-12 environmental literacy project.

  3. Supporting our employees through fair living wages and other benefits, and supporting our community through participation in events and outreach involving increasing sustainable practices at home, in the office and in the community at large.

“I love the fact that Bagitos are made from 100% recycled plastics AND donate 100% of their net profits to environmental education for students -- Way to go!” - Annette J. Palo Alto, CA


We partner with two primary production facilities. One is in Fujian Province, China. It's a family-run business that takes pride in treating their workers well (offering fair living wages and benefits) and is conscious about maintaining good environmental practices. Our other partner factory is in Kolkata, India and has been in business for approximately 100 years. They also use fair trade working standards and uphold above average environmental practices.

​All of our fabric and finished products are tested for both toxicity and strength. We use a third party testing firm based in Canada. We also maintain close connections to our partner factories and suppliers, making site visits, reviewing safety and manufacturing testing reports, and even checking in about their families and what they did last weekend. :)  ​We put a high value in clarity and transparency in our products and brand. It makes us proud to share all that we do to uphold high manufacturing and safety standards with our clients and community.

There is a lot of swag these days. Why not get your name out there in an innovative and meaningful way? Branded Bagitos are walking billboards for your brand that directly support sustainable practices, divert plastics from the waste stream, and give back to communities – all messages we are proud to help your company spread. Learn more


Some of our clients who support sustainable practices through reusing. 

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