Reusable Shopping Bags – Wholesale

Here at Bagito, we have been working with retail partners, businesses, and organizations to supply smart, useful and well-designed  reusable shopping bags and other reusable solutions,  at wholesale rates since our inception. Collaborating with other organizations to provide reusable solutions and at the same time recognizing those businesses and groups as collaborators in sustaining our natural world AND helping the next generation become environmentally literate makes us, and hopefully you, proud.

To inquire and order reusable shopping bags or other products in wholesale, please use the form below,call (831) 536-4160 or send an email to   We promise to get back to you quickly


Bulk Orders Made Simple!

For orders less than 1000 we use the services of another non-profit for the imprinting and can have your order done in 7-10 days. Larger orders have an approximate eight -week lead-time. If you would like to buy reusable grocery bags in bulk and in a short amount of time, we would welcome the chance to work with you and get it done!

Show Your Commitment to the Environment

Your wholesale purchase supports our efforts and provides your customers with a unique, useful item that acknowledges your willingness to support change. We offer very competitive wholesale pricing and can imprint your logo or message on as little as 100 bags or as much as 1000+. We are community-minded and do our best to get your bags printed by other green businesses.

Support Environmental Literacy

Our non-profit, Power2Sustain provides curriculum free of charge for grades K-12. The curriculum is common core compliant and can be used in whole or in part. Participating teachers can incorporate the lessons into their day and use the concept of sustainability to teach math, science, social studies and many other disciplines. All of our modules are age appropriate and can be used in conjunction with their existing lesson plans. Mitch Barlas, the founder of Power2Sustain and Bagito, developed this curriculum. In his work as a school principal, he discovered a definite lack of tools available to teach the concept of sustainability. In an effort to best serve his school and community, he gathered a group of colleagues and together they created the Power2Sustain curriculum. These tools have been used across the US as well as Internationally to support our youth in learning what we need to change in order to help our planet and ourselves by being wise stewards of our shared ecosystem.