About Us

Thrive to Inspire

Bagito was created to help make transitions to sustainable practices just a little bit easier. As part of a non-profit project that teaches K-12th grade students concepts in environmental stewardship, sustainability and personal responsibility for our natural world, inspiring and supporting adults to do the same is also part of our mission. Bagito products are creatively functional and well designed to urge and assist all of us into using more sustainable practices everyday in all that we do.

And the Story Begins

Bagito was conceived and created by Mitch Barlas. Mitch is a former public elementary school teacher and school principal and administrator who in 2008 started to notice a troubling trend. His school and schools in surrounding districts were not offering students any sort of environmental literacy. With carbon levels rising and climate change increasing rapidly, a small group of fellow educators felt the need to act quickly to educate and empower the next generation to understand, take action and begin to problem-solve this critical issue.

Supporting Education

Mitch and his team created a non-profit educational organization, called BagSpeak (now called Power2Sustain) to support K-12 teachers with a curriculum and activities that is Common Core standards aligned, grade-leveled and integrated into the core subject areas, and is free-of-charge. To support this mission, he wanted to develop a different kind of business model.

Knowing that profits were important to the success of any business, and also believing that business must begin to contribute back to society in more substantial ways, Mitch and his team created a hybrid business model. The organization would design, plan and produce reusable shopping bags and other useful items and donate a meaningful percentage of our proceeds. This means that after paying for the cost of the bags, the marketing and advertising, the office rent and a fair and appropriate living wage to himself and his employees, the rest of the bottom line is give to the non-profit to help increase environmental literacy in today’s youth.

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Our Impact

User Base

Having an impact with both consumers and the next generation is what we are all about!

As you can see from the data, we have already reached a large number of users. And these users are not just customers – they are the foundation of the movement Bagito represents. Environmental literacy is a growing field, and we are fully committed to making a big change through our non-profit efforts and our business model. We are reaching students, teachers, parents, retailers, trade shows, hospitals – both in the United States and internationally – through the sales of Bagito and the dedicated work of everyone participating in our sister non-profit project: Power2Sustain.

Bagitos in use = 90,300+
Pound of Plastic Bags Not Used = 3000 lb
Students Reached = 20,014
Schools Impacted = 162
Teachers Inspired = 278
CO2 Gases Not Generated = 12 ppm

K-12 Environmental Education

Founded in 2008 (as “The BagSpeak project”) Power2Sustain is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit K-12 educational organization that teaches and empowers students to value and sustain their natural world, while inspiring the rest of us to do the same. Using a unique model of curriculum integration, the project offers K-12 teachers free-of-charge complete units of study in the core curriculum areas (math, ELA, social studies and science) that include concepts in environmental stewardship, sustainability and personal responsibility for our natural world. All of the lessons and activities are grade-leveled and Common Core Standards aligned. At the end of each unit of study, students receive a reusable shopping bag,  a water bottle, and other useful reusable item which they can use special markers on to personalize.  They then take these items home to share with their families or use themselves.

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