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Full-sized reusable shopping bags for your key ring and other reusable solutions, created to fund environmental literacy for the K-12 students. Made from 100% recycled plastics and donating a meaningful percentage of our proceeds directly to our sister non-profit Power2Sustain to teach the next generation to value and sustain their natural world. Custom imprinting & wholesale available.

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Grande Bagito Tigereye Stuffsack Reusable Shopping Bag
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Oceanmist - Bagito Grande Reusable Shopping Bags
Bulk Bag 4 Pack: Includes 2 Mesh and 2 Solid
Grande Bagito Oceanmist Stuffsack Reusable Shopping Bag
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Product Features

Very Portable

Bagito makes sustainable practices easy. Reusable shopping bags that stuffs down into a very small pouch and specially designed to hang on your key ring – allowing you to ALWAYS have a reusable bag handy!

100% Recycled

Made from 100% rPet (recycled plastics) – from post consumer waste, diverted from landfills – our bags help keep the environment pristine while giving back to the community.

Built to Endure

Double stitched for strength – a Bagito can hold 20+ lbs. – and gusseted for surprisingly large capacity. A bag that is eco-friendly, strong, practical and visually appealing.

Created to Empower

Bagito teaches K-12th grade students to value and sustain their world. We donate a meaningful percentage of our proceeds directly to our sister non-profit Power2Sustain. To learn more and get involved, please visit: www.Power2Sustain.org.

Voted ‘Best Reusable Shopping Bag’ by Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz!
(May 2014)

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, the Original Bagito custom reusable shopping bag is the only one designed to fit on your key ring. We donate a meaningful percentage of our proceeds directly to our sister non-profit Power2Sustain which teaches and empowers K-12 students to sustain their natural world - free of charge through www.power2sustain.org

Each one of these customizable reusable bags keeps 25 plastic bottles out of the landfill, reduces litter and supports the changes we need in the world around the single use mindset.

You have choices when you shop. Bringing a reusable bag is one of them and is becoming very commonplace. Throughout the country many municipalities and counties are banning single use bags, with more and more areas of the country following suit.

The Bagito reusable shopping bag is the only one that is made from all recycled material and that supports educating the next generation in how to live in a way that makes a difference.

Designed in California and responsibly made in our partner family owned factory in China, Bagitos are double stitched and have a gusseted bottom enabling them to be easily loaded at the check out stand. Our Bagito Original can hold up to twenty-five pounds, is machine washable and will last for years.

Bagitos come in a variety of great colors and two sizes: the Bagito Original and the Bagito Grande. If you are looking for personalized reusable shopping bags, we offer custom imprinting as well. We also offer our reusable grocery bags at wholesale prices.

Every day we are presented with opportunities to make a difference. Each of us making small incremental changes to our behavior adds up to real change. Thank you for your support of one small company taking on a big idea, providing real useful educational tools for sustainability - one reusable shopping bag at a time.

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“"Bagito - it's an AWESOME company, where each beautiful bag is crafted from reusable plastic, and money generated goes back into helping kids learn about recycling and keeping our planet clean. It would be so cool if you could add this to your list. They're so chic, and they fold into a little bag that you can keep on your key ring. All while being made from 100% recyclable products."” Madicyn. Santa Cruz, CA
“I love the fact that Bagitos are made from 100% recycled plastics AND donate 100% of their net profits to environmental education for students -- Way to go!” Annette J. Palo Alto, CA
“My Bagito is on my keyring....Perfect solution for the 'I forgot my shopping bag syndrome' EVERY TIME.” Juliana S. Los Angeles, CA
“What a brilliant idea! With a Bagito on my keyring, which ever store I run into, I always have at least one bag with me!” Carole B. Sonoma County, CA
“I don't carry a backpack, shoulder bag nor man-bag. The Bagitos are the perfect size to slip into my pocket.” Marc, C. San Francisco, CA